Just Wait

That's the thing about life. It throws you around but you're always where you need to be. You always meet who you're meant to meet. Eventually all the pieces come together and it's worth the wait.


Every day with her, was the best day of his life. Through the storms and the floods, she was the light he focused on and it always lead him home. 

All of My Days

After a while, your words fade.

I start to forget your face,

but your energy always stays. 

It consumes my life away. 

Maybe this is just a phase or maybe you've been with me all of my days. 

Who are you?

I am everyone and everything. 

I am the sun, the heat of the sun, the light that gleams through the curtains.

I am the trees, the plants, the flowers, the grass, the water molecules on them.

I am the moon, the moonlight, the waves.

I am the thunder, the lightning, the rain.

I am the snow, the hail, the wind.

The silence of the night, the sound of violins.

I am you. I am me. I am her. I am him. I am us. 

We are all made up of the same cosmic dust.

We are one and that's the only thing that I trust. 

Angel of Death

For years, I played games with the Angel of Death. She never knew which time was the one. She was always ready to take me away, but it was me who wanted to have more fun. 

The day came when I had enough and I didn't want to stay. So she showed up, spread her wings, kissed me and took my breath away. 




Blue skies, warm air and sunshine will always be missed, but this storm made me realize that darkness was also a gift.